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“Keep your head up!” - our football coaches shouted to us all the time. You have to see the game. The game is not in your feet, it’s there in the field.
The same rule applies to the era of digitization. You have to lift your head up to see it’s potential. Don’t just look at the technology, but benefits that it enables.
Keep your head up is an independent community that brings you digital insights and opinions. It was founded on a cold and dark, typical Finnish day.

About Us

Ville Ruoko

I'm marinated in the international world of telecom operators, former salesman, current marketer who is trying to figure out what digitalisation and IoT actually means. I have a passion and background in athletics, particularly football, hockey and tennis. As an entrepreneur, I am helping professional hockey players on their wealth management at Gavin Management Group. I am also a member of the Association of Finnish Sport Managers (Suomen Urheilumanagerit ry). In this capacity, I have been helping athletes obtain sponsorship and marketing opportunities since 2011.

Tapio Haantie

ICT business is in constant change. New technologies arise, new start-ups emerge and old incumbents fall. You have to really be in the change mode all the time to keep up with the pace. You either hate or love it. And I love it! I'm Development and Product Management professional. I have the opportunity to dive into product strategy development with broader perspective and work with interesting projects and inspiring partners breaking traditional product boundaries. I'm interested in developing new services with business insight in mind.

Recent Blogs

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

How to Secure IoT Solutions

The two main concerns with IoT security are “the thing” and the application Security is the single most concerning issue related to IoT. Lack of faith to security postpones projects and stops enterprises to even start digital transformation. Security is many times portrayed as an umbrella covering every aspect of the solution. That works fine on the […]

Photo by SplitShire

Players Who Understand the Game of Digitization Will Win

People are only willing to give you something if they feel that they are getting something valuable in return. In digital business the user interface or more commonly know, application, is usually the visible instance for the end users. There might be a lot of digitization in the backend and in processes but they are […]

Photo by Joe deSousa

Why to Use Video Technology in Sports When You could Use More Suitable Technology?

What is sure is that technology definitely has something to give when number of referees nears or exceeds the number of performing athletes. In March we had the chance to witness great new ski jumping world record. Austria’s Stefan Kraft flew astonishing 253.5 meters at Vikersund and enhanced old record by 1.5 meters. The old record actually […]

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